Px4 return to launch settiongs not working


A fixed-wing aircraft is being tested on the GAZEBO simulator.
In the safety menu, the Return to launch setting was set to ‘loiter and do not land’. Created an RC loss situation. But it doesn’t keep the loiter altitude 80 I set.
And when it reaches the landing altitude set in the mission, it starts landing.

I am not landing and loiter is the purpose.

That doesn’t sound good. @bkueng have you verified the failsafe behavior with fixedwing?

Not specifically, it’s mostly agnostic. @jypbeck89 does it actually switch to land mode?

Yes, it changes to landing mode

@jypbeck89 this was recently introduced, I have a fix here: fix failsafe: correctly handle Hold RC loss action by bkueng · Pull Request #21403 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub.

BTW you can also check the failsafe behavior here: Failsafe State Machine Simulation | PX4 User Guide