Not returning home when Failsafe mode is set


I am running a gazebo simulation using mavros to fly trough some setpoints and then land. Everything was working just fine until I updated ubuntu. I have a program that is sending some local setpoints for a while then it stops. Before, when I stoped sending setpoints the UAV would enter the Failsafe mode and return to home. Now, when the UAV enters the Failsafe mode it holds its position and stays in "AUTO.LOITER" mode.

I checked the COM_OBL_ACT parameter and it is set to 2 which means it should return to home. I do not know why it is not returning home.

Btw, I get this message when Failsafe mode is set:

[ERROR] [1594071660.258264937, 24.964000000]: FCU: Failsafe enabled: no RC and no offboard
[ INFO] [1594071660.267359507, 24.972000000]: WP: reached #0
[ INFO] [1594071660.310152532, 25.012000000]: FCU: Failsafe mode activated

I updated the px4 Firmaware to the current master 96a6b5c

Setting the UAV mode to "AUTO.LAND" does not work, it stays in "AUTO.LOITER"

Thanks for this note. It’s possible that this is a bug. I’m currently looking into these failsafes but I have not gone through the offboard cases yet. Do you mind creating an issue in PX4/Firmware and adding a log?

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issue link:

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