Landing Target message on Mavlink Inspector

I have been trying to attempt precision landing through px4 firmware (1.13.3) but landing target message doesnot show up on the inspector (QGC). The drone is detecting the tag and drifting away.

After flashing the 1.14…0rc beta version the landing target is shown up the mavlink inspector. I am sending landing target by running roslaunch mavros px4.launch fcu_url:=/dev/ttyACM0

In new beta version the mavros is connected at id:240 and shows up the mavlink inspector. How to solve this bug , I have been trying precision landing through px4 for quite few months.

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Hello, I think I have met exactly the same problem:

  1. The MAVLink Message “Landing_Target” does not show up on the MAVLink inspector. But I’m pretty sure the message is received, since I can see the uORB meesage from the MAVLink console by “listener landing_target_pose”.

Another bothering issue is that: Landing Target message somehow showed up whenever I switched onboard computer to TELEM1 port. (Typically I would use TELEM2 for onboard computers);

Since I can checkout uORB message from the mavlink console by command “listener landing_target_pose”, the issue mentioned above seems to be “unimportant”. Anyway, I guess the cause for that issue is mainly becasue QGC has a list (or some sort), deciding which of the messages would show up. Considering my poor understanding of QGC, this could be wrong. Let me know if you find out why.

  1. And also, the drifting problem. I’ve been working on exactly the same problem for the past several days. The drone would detect the target and then drift away in one direction, straight. After checking out the uORB message landing_target_pose, I realized that the drifting problem seems to be caused by the wrong input of x,y,z of MAVLink message #149 Landing_Target. Note that, according to mavlink_receiver.cpp, currently percision landing only supports MAV_FRAME_LOCAL_NED. Checkout the MAVLink message you sent, if the x,y,z is the coordinates of the target in the LOCAL_NED frame.