PX4 - Motors cut at min throttle?

Hi All.

Sorry, I’m new to this drone malarchy and am having to learn it mega quick to complete a project!

I have been given a Tarot 650 Sport with X8R RC Rx and PX4 to get working. After much head scratching and searching through the net I’ve now got to a point where it seems to want to go for a spin.

My problem though is that no matter what I tweak settings to via QGroundcontrol, the motors cut completely after about 5sec when the throttle is set back to min. Is this normal behaviour? I am worried because if the throttle stick is set to min while flying, the machine won’t just descend quickly, it’ll descend VERY quickly!

Btw I am running the drone on a fully charged 6cell Lipo

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

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Yes, it shuts off the motors if you don’t advance the throttle above idle after arming.

Good luck.

I would understand it doing that, that’s like a car locking itself again if you don’t open a door after unlocking it. The problem is that it does it regardless, even if I rev it and then put it back to min throttle. I’ve tried re-doing the calibration routine, changing the min PWM setting etc, but nothing so far has stopped the problem I’m seeing and I don’t yet know enough about the thing to know what else to try.

Hi @PeteG,

Do you have the parameter COM_DISARM_LAND set to some value? (check in QGC -> parameters).
Other question: is it disarming the autopilot or just stopping the motors?

Can’t find that param in QCG? Doesn’t matter now, I bit the bullet, re-flashed the Pix and that took me through the whole setup process, which has cured the problem :slight_smile: Knowing my luck it’s probably made a new problem or two for me to find later though! Thanks for all suggestions though.