PX4 install in Freefly Alta 6?

Ive recently had a barometer fail in my Freefly Alta 6, so Im looking to change out the current flight controller (synapse) for a PX4 of some sort, hopefully without too much fuss. I am aware that Freefly are currently installing the PX4 to the new “Pro” series and the ALTA 6 is a case study on the PX4 page, so hoping someone out there has some ideas.
If anyone has experience, advice or input on this topic I would be greatly appreciative of that.

Hi @flyfilm
I am looking for a way to install the PX4 on Alta-6. I see that you had the same question/intention a few months ago. I wonder if you learned anything on this? I will appreciate any help.

Hi @hd_ali
Unfortunately I didn’t get any further information and didn’t move ahead with the plan.
I’m still really interested in the potential so would love to get more info. You can reach me at info@flyfilm.tv if you want to reach out via email.
Good luck