Omnibus F4 V6 + PX4

Does anyone have PX4 running on Omnibus F4 V6? Guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Please see this videos

I’m not sure if PX4 runs on the V6, and what the differences are, but it runs for sure on the OmnibusF4SD:

I successfully loaded PX4 on this board. Using QGroundControl I loaded a quad airframe and calibrated Sensors. Then - was unable to calibrate the (bound) radio (X4R/Taranis Plus), and also could not get power to a Matek M8Q 5883 GPS. Now looking for some clever workaround. Contrary to the above Youtube, I do not see any jumpers to employ for this issue. I’m wondering how to switch from SBUS to CPPM?

It would be nice to be able to configure this as it would provide a smaller and less expensive solution for a full flight stack (eg, including camera).

If I hit a dead end, I’ll have to try with ArduCopter.