Dji phantom 3 with px4 autopilot

Hey guys,
I would like to use a drone with the px4 autopilot.
I would prefer to do this with the Phantom 3, since you can get it quite cheap and it can fly well, has a good camera and is also quite robust…
But I know that this is not possible just like that, right?
As far as I know you have to install the px4 flightcontroller.
Has anyone of you ever done this or do you know where there is a manual for it?
And is that at all useful / feasible for a beginner?
Or would there be another drone that has the same (above mentioned capabilities), and is not expensive? (max 600 euros)
As I said, I am also happy to tinker with it a bit and deal with it intensively.

Thanks in advance

I can recommend the Holybro X500v2. However, when it comes to camera, that’s a bit trickier. I wish there was a cheap and good camera solution that works out of the box that I could suggest.

I assume you could get PX4 to work with the Phantom 3 ESCs but I don’t know how you would interface with the camera.

Salut, did you manage to get autopilot to work with DJI Phantom 3?