PX4 GPS sensors error

Hello there, I have bought and assembled PX4 drone with M10 GPS module, but have faced a weird issue.
Initially, I have turned it on with the usb and connected via QGroundControl. After performing all calibrations the drone seemed to work fine - the gps was tracking the position, the orientation of the drone in space was fine as well.
A few days later, the battery has arrived, so I wanted to try to do the first flight. After connecting to the QGC and setting up the radio and flight modes I have updated the firmware on the processor itself and on both telemetry units.
I am not sure, that it was the reason, but now the GPS is constantly blinking red (the main led and the switch button). And during the connection to QGC it says that all sensors are missing and the drone does not react to the position change.
Does anyone has an idea, how can I fix this issue so the GPS does work again and the drone could fly?

Kindly attach here the QGC parameters list from your current PX4 version. This can be downloaded from QGC

Hi, thank you for the reply. I am not very good at this forum, so I could not attach the file directly to the reply (it says that the file has the wrong format). So I have uploaded the file to the google drive, here the link to it

Okay, so I have some news. Apparently the issue was in the firmware of the drone. Yesterday I have updated it one more time and the gps started working and the drone was ready to fly.

It seems that during this week there was a firmware release, which solbed the problem

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