PX4 for 4+1 VTOL UAV

Hey everyone, I am curious about applying PX4 to a 4+1 VTOL UAV setup. I understand that Ardupilot has features that make it quite simple to get started on this structure but I would like to use PX4 for this project.

Is PX4 a firmware that is suitable for a 4+1 system?

Please note that I would not like to spend any time on software development and would just like to apply this firmware to a Cubepilot system already in place. If there are other forums where this has been answered (or anything that may be helpful and related!), please direct me there. Thank you!!

Yes. I’ve built several and have only used PX4 4+1 setup. In conjunction with QGroundControl, I’ve found it the most intuitive to setup and tune. All my builds have pretty much hovered and transitioned right from the workbench.

Good luck.