PX4 Firmware v1.10.2 file

Hi everyone,

I have a project using Pixhawk 5 and I want to work with UAV Toolbox Support Package for PX4®
Autopilots in Matlab/Simulink. I see in the documentation of Matlab that this toolbox is only compatible with 0.8 of PX4 Cygwin Toolchain MSI Installer, which is compatible with PX4 Firmware v1.10.2. Thus I want to downgrade the firmware of my Pixhawk 5 device in QGroundControl, so I choose the option “Custom firmware file”. However I have looked in Releases · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub but I do not find the px4_fmu-v5x_default.px4 file which corresponds to the v1.10.2. Any ideas for where to find this file or any suggestions for how to connect to the Simulink with different version.


That firmware is too old for pixhawk 5x. It didn’t exist then so you’ll definitely need a newer firmware version.

Thank you for your reply Ryan! If this is the case then I will not be able to work in Simulink with my Pixhawk 5X? Or maybe I can use a newer version of Firmware with the 0.8 toolchain?

There’s very likely a way for this to work. My use of simulink is extremely limited but definitely they firmware version is too old so give the newest toolchain a try on the current release firmware or master and see if it works.
I’d use this then instead of v5 for cmake, enter v5x which is pixhawk 5x. Supported PX4 Autopilots - MATLAB & Simulink

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