PX4 FMUv5 Firmware

Hi Folks,
I am looking early virsions of the firmware from the early Jul 2020 time frame. I do’t have the version number of the firmware my PX4 FMUv5 autopilot had on it when I bought it during that time frame. So where do I look and how do I load it on the autopilot?
Any help would be great!
Mike H

Here’s a link to the releases page on github, you can either download the files there or use QGC to find what you are looking for.

Good luck.

Hi Rroche,
I found a couple of firmware files that I would like to try, but when I unzip them and use QGC to do the firmware updata under custom firmware, I am not sure what files are needed. Is there any info in QGC that explains what I need to look for in plain english (HI) as I am not a programer.
Mike Heltborg

if you have modified the PX4 source code you need to create a build, and feed that to QGC, for instructions on how to build PX4 please refer to the documentation Building PX4 Software | PX4 User Guide

If you are not sure what you are doing this is not going to be an easy step, and it will require you to install a lot of dependencies which depending on your experience might not be a straight forward thing to do

Why are you looking for an older version of the firmware? has anything gone wrong with the hardware?