How to build px4 for multicopter?

New developer here.
Follow the steps of DevGuide:,now i successfully build px4fmu-v2_default and upload codes to flight control board.
However,on mission planner it shows the pixhawk working on “manual” mode

Also, i can not set flightmode by mission planner

And i checked data output by pixhawk usb-serial, it seems pixhawk send quaterion over 10hz by mavlink? Here is a frame: FE 20 A7 01 01 1F BA 64 00 00 9B 1F 72 3F DF BA 65 3C 06 89 3C BC 26 05 A6 BE 20 9A 01 3A 00 D6 BD B9 F0 93 9F BA 9E 30

I wonder what should i do to make pixhawk work on “stablize”,“poshold” mode etc, and how to set mavlink for send heartbeat with 1hz?

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I use qgroundcontrol instead mission planner.
Now everything seems to be great.Though i set “vehicle_type==mc” and “mixer_type==quad_x” in rcs, still need to set “airframe”, “sensor” etc in qgc. And now i can change flight mode. So, looks like mission planner does not support px4 so well.

I would start with the latest QGroundControl and flash PX4. Once you have that working and are comfortable with it you can move on to compiling and flashing your own firmware. Mission Planner only works with the Ardupilot mavlink dialect which extends the common set.