PX4 firmware problem

Good morning,

I clone the code available on github (PX4-Autopilot) on my virtual machine with the commande “git clone https://github.com/PX4/PX4-Autopilot.git --recursive”. Then I build it with the commande “make px4_fmu-v5_default” and I flash it on my controler. There is no problem for flashing but when charging is complete, the GPS beep but there is no error on display on my QGControl. I noticed that my range finder (LL40Ls) has the orientation “down”.

When I flash the “PX4 Pro stable release” (http://px4-travis.s3.amazonaws.com/Firmware/stable/px4fmu-v5_default.px4) there is no problem but the LL40Ls has the orientation “forward”.
I don’t understand, The px4 pro stable release isn’t the code on the github ?

Thank you for your response.

When you cloned it you got the Master branch which is the next version still brewing.
You need to change to the stable release branch and build that.
That branch would be release/1.11
In this case you would want to

git checkout tags/<tag_name>

Where the tag name v1.11.2
I suggest you learn a bit about git. It would be helpful to know more.

Hi @Mael_Forestal, as far as I know, the default orientation is downward as all other range sensor.
Here the pull request to fix the bug on 28 August.

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