Unable to replace Ardupilot firmware with PX4

Hi at all, I have a problem with the replacemnt of the firmware on my pixracer r15. When I try to install any kind of version of px4 via QGroundControl all seems to work correctly but if I tried to re-connect my PIxracer I read in QGroudnControl: Found Device: Ardupilot ChibiOS instead of PX4 FMU V4 . I tried also to update the firmware with mission planner and also here all seems to work well but I have the same problem at the end. Also it seems that the pixracer have two firmware installed at the same time because if I read my COM port on Windows Device Manger it changes between COM3 and COM5 without disconnecting the pixracer. What can I do?
Thanks in advice.

Does the firmware not change to PX4 or is just the name wrong? There is also the bootloader on it which might play a role here but I’m not entirely sure about that yet.

Hi @JulianOes thanks for the reply. It’s a really strange situation because seems that there are two firmware (both ArduPilot and PX4) at the same time. I’m trying to implement Hardware in the loop with Matlab and if I read my pc COM port after the firmware upload I read COM3 (associated to PX4) and if I disconnect and reconnect the pixracer (without doing firmware upload or something else) my COM port changes in COM5 (associated to ArduPilot). I’ve the the same problem described here for firmware uploading via QGC.

Is the COM port different for the first few seconds after plugging it in / powering it on? At first, the board goes into bootloader mode which can have a different USB Vendor ID and Product ID and hence show up different in the device manager.

Hi @JulianOes thanks for the explanation. I was able to fix the problem by changing the parameter SYS_BL_UPDATE as explained here once the firmware was updated (with the latest version suggested) via QGC. Thanks again for your help.

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