PX4 docker install on Ubuntu 22 not running simulators

Hi everyone,

I followed the instructions in the documentation to get the PX4 docker installed on my Ubuntu 22.04 machine.

I am able to successfully build the default via ./Tools/docker_run.sh ‘make px4_sitl’.

However when I try to run jmavsim or gazebo-classic using: ./Tools/docker_run.sh ‘make px4_sitl jmavsim’ I get an error: ninja: error: unknown target ‘jmavsim’

I have exported the PX4_DOCKER_REPO environment variable to use the simulation docker image via: export PX4_DOCKER_REPO=“px4io/px4-dev-simulation-focal” .

What am I doing wrong ? I would like to be able to run the simulators from my docker install.

Best regards and thanks for any input,

The target is not available if one of the dependencies is not installed. So it sounds like either java or ant is not installed in that docker image.

Thanks for your response ! How would you propose that I fix this ?


Can you use another container that contains java and ant? Or just use Gazebo instead of jmavsim?

I have the same problem when I use Gazebo. Which container contains java and ant ?


Hm, this one should:

Sorry, I don’t have time to look into this in more detail at the moment.