PX4 Dev Call: October 9, 2019

October 9th, 2019

Participating attendees

  • Ramón Roche
  • Jinger Zeng
  • Alex Klimaj
  • Alexandre Borowczyk
  • Andries Bosma
  • Beat Kung
  • David Cabecinhas
  • Dino Mani
  • Hyon Lim
  • Jaeyoung Lim
  • Jimmy Johnson
  • Julian Oes
  • Kamil Ritz
  • Mark Sauder
  • Matina R
  • Mathieu Bresciani
  • Matthias Grob
  • Michael Schaeuble
  • Roman Bapst
  • Silvan Fuhrer
  • Tanja B
  • Tony Daniel


  • Overall status update high level
  • Status update by component
  • What got merged last week
  • What’s still in the queue for this week
    • Blockers
  • Release v1.10
  • Community members who want to help
  • Open section for the community

High Level update

We continue working towards the 1.10 release, we are trying to lock things down to cut the release. This release introduces a lot of architecture changes and some hardware integrations.

Component update

Comms - Beat /Julian

Pixhawk used to send RC override mavlink messages, this was added about a year ago, to enable using a SITL / Pixhawk as RC input, somehow RC traveled from one drone to another (a wild guess) disabled for now. Disabled in master.

VTOL - Silvan

We’ve been fixing some issues on VTOL lately, currently working again on the rally point issue, needs time to improve and to merge. Airspeed sensor/selector follow-up PR where we enable RC selector device, to be used on control loop. Cannot be used now. Needs testing.

Fixed Wing - Silvan

No direct update, some items from above apply.

Multicopter - Mathieu / Matthias

Final changes, too risky for release.

Only 1 pr that was a bug fix

OS / NuttX

No update

Commander - Julian

  1. Different settings for RC failsafe, setting for disabled (2).
    -> Stay at same spot if possible, if not descend because it’s the safest we can do. Follow up with the technical stuff offline.
  2. RC failsafe NAV_RCL_ACT parameter set to land (3), we land but we don’t realize we have landed, no disarm.

Driver - Mark Sauder

Multiple instances Lidar Lite driver waiting for hardware,

Distance sensor driver TF Mini driver doesn’t work right now.

Agar working on 20602 IMU drivers, speedup polling rates for gyro, better downsampling, better data rate. Too risky for release.

System Architecture

No Update

Avoidance - Martina / Tanja

No major updates, two weeks ago big update went in, collision prevention improved, by improving safety you couldn’t fly towards no sensor data directions. Added PR to explicitly add allow to fly to directions where no sensor data.


No update

Testing - Anthony

Testing report

Julian: RC failsafes, do we test this? Yes, there is a test card: https://dev.px4.io/master/en/test_cards/mc_04_failsafe_testing.html


No update

What got merged last week

Top Posts on forums last week

What’s still in the queue for this week

This is the section where we discuss open PRs / Issues

Mark Sauder, https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/13074

Reduce number of airframes and maybe remove existing ones


Release v1.10

  • What’s missing for release?
  • Can we do a feature freeze now?
  • Release branch, that needs to be continuously tested until release
  • Master now becomes 1.11
  • Can we tag the RC?
  • Release team
  • Release blockers: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/projects/17


Matthieu, Major improvements between 1.9 and 1.10, is there any difference?

DShot is ready, do we want this to be part of the release?

Martina, Avoidance is broken on current master due to update on gazebo. We are tracking what happened. Avoidance master is broken

Community members who want to help

No update

Open section for the community

No update


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