PX4 Dev Call: October 23, 2019

October 23rd, 2019


  • Overall status update high level
  • Status update by component
  • What got merged last week
  • What’s still in the queue for this week
  • Blockers
  • Release v1.10
  • Community members who want to help
  • Open section for the community

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High-Level update

  • Working on v1.10 release and release blockers
  • New beta v1.10.0-beta4

Component update


No update

Action: make sure we get a brief from mavlink call weekly


Roman: Discussion of architecture changes started on the #control channel on Slack. The goal is to remove technical debt in the controls, and to support tilt rotors better. Please join us on Slack.

Action: Ramón: make sure conversation is archived

Fixed Wing

Roman: Working on airspeed selector and fault detection, the module was already merged, but wasn’t hooked up to the controller, new PR from Silvan that hooks the module to the controller, we pinged test team for proper testing.

Action: follow up with the test team and Roman.


Matthias Grob is working on bringing in lots of architecture changes, the first one is PR 13224 “Goal: The user knows in advance if he’ll be able to arm.”. PR seems to be ready, review from other devs would be greatly appreciated

Blocked: this isn’t part of the v1.10 release, how to merge?
Action: Needs flight testing.

OS / NuttX

David Sidrane

  • Nothing affecting the release
  • Got 10% CPU in H7 gain by bug fixing
  • Going to check SD card removal issue. Need to push the fix to NuttX upstream first, might need some time.

Action: Can potentially make it into the release, needs coordination.


Julian Oes

  • PR 13130 Fix for RC failsafe disabled which lead to descend instead of hover in position
  • PR 13143 Fixes for Descend mode for no GPS and not RC

Note: PRs merged, part of the new beta

Matthias Grob

PR 13224 is a revamp of the user experience for end-users / pilots, the arming and pre-flight check logic is being refactor, into one folder, and exposed by one class

Action: Devs, please help review


Mark Sauder

Not a lot of changes attended to a couple of issues, nothing major, no release blockers.

Question: Mark I have this PR on my minutes but I failed to capture any discussion, can you please help us? https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/13103

System Architecture

Action: No update


Julian Kent, the avoidance team needs predictable release cycles, and a stable release.

Action: Avoidance team needs a stable release, to avoid synchronization issues
Action: Performance testing by the Avoidance team.
Action: ping Julian Kent on #avoidance channel once we get a better understanding of the release state.


Action: Locate someone who can give an update


Anthony Daniel

  • Strong winds in the area, team hasn’t been able to fly Fixed Wing and VTOL
  • Once wind conditions are nominal the team will start testing the beta
  • Issue 13148 CUAV Nano has altitude issue shown on QGC

Action: Coordinate with Matthias Grob for help testing on similar hardware.
Action: Test team, figure out if this is happening in HITL

Julian Oes

Action: Need help from test team reproducing land detection edge cases
Blocker: this is a potential release blocker, if safety becomes a concern


No updated.

Release v1.10.0

Project Board

Action: Issue 13147 Follow up with testing with similar hardware.

Community members who want to help

If any active community member would like to form part of the maintenance team please sign-up on the following form

What got merged last week

Top Posts on forums last week

Open section for the community

No update.

Errata and Feedback

Let me know below if I failed to capture anything the right way, and if there are any updates, or you have feedback on the call format.

v1.10.0 Beta 4 - Changelog

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