PX4 Dev Call: March 04, 2020

March 04, 2020, 4pm GMT (8am GMT-8, 5pm GMT+1)

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Meeting ID: 946 175 205
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Call in using your phone, find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aetSYKbiMF


  • Quick statement about feedback on the dev-call
  • Status update by component
  • Development focus
  • Open section for the community (Please add your agenda items)
    • Anyone can propose topics for discussion

Component update

Flight Testing

  • :flight_departure: Flight Testing sponsored by Dronecode

OS / NuttX

Backports from @dagar and @david_s5


@david_s5 Planning to improve DMA for SPI.


  • :tada: found the EKF2 performance bug by @bresch (3% perf gain on F7)
  • There was a fix for GPS blending

TODO: Figure out testing for regressions


TODO: Find reviewer for this PR

Fixed Wing

  • :running_woman: Move fixed wing control out of the ecl submodule


  • :woman_scientist: working on the timesync for RTPS bridge @TSC21


  • :tada: Bezier trajectory avoidance interface by @jkflying

Development, Release & Roadmap

v1.11 Release

  • There will be a release branch and beta on March 9. for testing.
  • How to call for community testing on the released beta?
    Proposed: Forum post calls for comments about issues AND successful flight testing reports including logs because it’s a lower entry barrier. Include a link to documentation on how to work with GitHub issues.
  • We need to go over release notes draft

Beta Testing the Release

Release Timeline

  • Beta release - March 9th
  • RC go/no go (live on dev call) - March 18th
  • Release go/no go - March 30th

In-Depth Discussions


  • Acceleration feed-forward: offboard issue, what do we support?
    • No clear documentation on what’s supported. ROS CI should work, MAVSDK tests should work, additional testing is nice to have. Discussing with @JulianOes & @Jaeyoung-Lim because they had offboard problems with and without the pr as well.
  • Attitude setpoint generation: what do people expect from yaw/heading in mission and manual position flight?
    No clear answer which means the pr will be continued with the assumption heading is the angle from north to the vehicle body x-axis when roll and pitch are completely level.


  • How do we architecturally handle Libraries which are part of a module on flash constrained targets? #ifdefs and dummy interfaces?
    There’s no simple design pattern. David had some suggestions which are used by NuttX but it’s not clear if they’re more maintainable than the ifdef dummy. Julian K. had a further idea to have the function calls wrapped with a compile time decision if they are forwarded but it might not get stripped out because of the library still being present as a member. Will be tested and we also ask Daniel next week.


  • Toolchain setup improvements
    Proposition to have minimal output and progress bar for setup script: high effort for the benefit. https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/issues/14249
    @JulianOes is collecting python issues and creating a troubleshooting page for typical python environment issues.
    Would be nice to consolidate the common parts of the ubuntu and arch script.
    What’s definitely missing is using the scripts in the docker container creation instead of replicating the setup there.

Next Week

@dagar (On vacations) What support is needed?

  • UAVCAN GPS support
  • CUAV Nora board
  • How do we architecturally handle Libraries. follow-up from this week by @jkflying

Open section for the community


  • Need help from the community finding hardware to test PR14269 Navio2, BBB, OCPOC
  • TODO: Found a problem with k66 where it won’t arm @david_s5 is looking into this

Errata and Feedback

Let me know below if I failed to capture anything the right way, and if there are any updates, or you have feedback on the call format.