PX4 Dev Call: March 11, 2020

March 11, 2020


  • Status update by component/project
  • Roadmap, and Release discussion
  • In-Depth discussions
  • Community Q&A

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Component update

Flight Testing

Tony is back 52 Flights 3 Prs

  • NXPFMUk66 vehicle did not arm retest pending
  • Fix ecl CPU load, pixracer issues
  • Board configuration SPI, no issues
  • Direct download of binaries from Jenkins works thanks to Daniel.
  • This week it will be rainy and the test team will conduct bench tests and tries to do some indoor flights.

System Architecture

  • :sparkles: Board config simplifications by @bkueng

OS / NuttX

  • STM32F412 support by Jake for CUAV CAN GPS needs to go upstream and be backported.
  • NXP UAVCAN board work is done on NuttX upstream master.
    • @igalloway asks when it can come into PX4 NuttX.
    • TODO @david_s5 -> will need an upstream merge, a backport is not enough.


  • uORB exists check much faster thanks to @dagar


  • :gear: SPI DMA move primary IMU to new Invensense driver. It was dragging on because of NuttX issues with the dcache. Now it’s ready and we should be able to switch boards over.
    • @david_s5 is concerned about the configuration coverage.
    • There are PRs to switch over more boards.
    • They should be tested and merged soon.


  • :broom: Cleanup by @dagar
    • Outback challange old failsafe modes were alternatively available.
    • We want to remove them to clean up Commander, Navigator, FlightTasks.
    • It needs more testing.
    • TODO > Add to release notes, talk to @dagar


  • @dagar: disabling VTOL for FMUv2.
    • The mechanism to inform the user needs to be clear, that’s currently the blocker.
    • Call it out, avoid the user to be able to get into a bricked state, add error messages (pop-up in QGC) and inability to arm.
    • It also needs to go into the release notes but with the wording, fmu-v2 is not supported by default but only with a custom setup or better with a custom build provided by the build system.
    • @LorenzMeier, We should have a Commander function to see if the configuration is valid or unsupported. He has ideas and will do the first proposal.
  • TODO: call-out on release notes (fmuv2).

Fixed Wing

  • :sparkles: Move to run FW controller on vehicle_local_position update needs review and testing. by @dagar


  • Release block bugs that need testing by @MaEtUgR
  • Hover thrust estimator by @bresch.
    • suggests we can merge the functionality but not enable it by default.
    • Needs to update the unit tests.
    • Next steps are to do more tuning, Mathieu can do that on log replays and later on we can make it the default.


  • MicroRTPS time sync


  • Enabling Bezier trajectories went in with the solution discussed in the last dev call.
  • Should go to release notes.
  • We should still discuss how to exclude libraries from builds in a nicer way.


  • MAVSDK testing is work in progress.
  • @JulianOes is improving the setup for logging and display when things go wrong and be non-verbose when they pass.
  • It would be nice to have failing logs as artifacts or uploaded to flight review with a link posted.


  • :sparkles: @Jaeyoung-Lim is working on a camera simulation such that the whole camera interface protocol can be tested and simulated.
    • TODO: > add to release notes <
  • Roman looked into improving the dynamics and parameters such that they are more realistic.
    • The models are ok but the parameters are too coarse.
    • @LorenzMeier, We know much better now we should do improvement steps first just trying to resemble real vehicles than in a more systematic way.
    • @Jaeyoung-Lim makes the first proposal, @MaEtUgR can help with testing.


  • Yaw estimator that is able to estimate the heading from accelerometer and GPS data written by @Paul_Riseborough
  • Initialization of the tilt was based on accelerometer even when high acceleration was present, now it’s guarded to expected 1g ±10% acceleration to infer the initial tilt. by @bresch

Roadmap, and Release discussion

Release Timeline

  • Beta release - THIS WEEK
  • RC go/no go (live on dev call) - March 18th
  • Release go/no go - March 30th

Beta Testing the Release

@JingerZ : Callout needs to animate people to report successful flights on discuss thread and if they have an issue report it on GitHub starting the title with “1.11: …” such that it’s easy for us to add it to the “Release Blockers” board which users don’t have premissions to do.

Put your “have to have” points to the “Release Blocker” board. If you do you commit to push them through in the next days. https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/projects/17

Community Q&A

In-Depth discussions


  • UAVCAN GPS support
  • CUAV Nora board
  • How do we architecturally handle Libraries. @jkflying





Errata and Feedback

Let me know below if I failed to capture anything the right way, and if there are any updates, or you have feedback on the call format.