PX4 crash log

Hi everyone.
I had a problem with my custom built after the first mission flight.
Pixracer r15, mro GPS, mro acsp5 power module, 4in1 esc and motors in x configuration (generic quad).

I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with the flight, here the log file link:
Also the 3d visualization is good to understand the drone behaviour easily…

I need some expert opinion, the problem appear at 2:14, just before trying to take the drone in manual mode to land it (unsuccessfull :frowning: )
Problems seems in “Thrust and Magnetic Field” graph, inthe “gps” graph and in the “Power” one with a loss of Amps without any sense.

Could anyone explain this?

Did the motors stop turning when the current goes to 0?

Thanks for the response, unfortunately I have not the certainty, i have not video of the fly
The increase of the thrust in the “Magnetic field and Thrust” graph seem to indicate that the drone tryed to respond to the loss of quote, without success, so I’m oriented on a Power problem…
The first 2 waypoints runned correctly, so a misbehaviour on the control seem strange to my unexpert eyes

Ah right. So to me it looks like that the motors stops turning when you go to full throttle. I would try to reproduce full throttle without a propeller.

here the log of ondoor up-down throttle without propellers:

Battery voltage oscillating and NO BATTERY CURRENT in the log, this is strange

However, i have 3 batteries and i have not marked the one used in the crash flight, working on tests on battery and drone behaviour to find the “bug”

Could it be that the cable connecting to the power module broke or the power module current sensor?

Cable ok, current sensor seems ok too in these log

Tried in order:
-full throttle

Ok that seems fine now. I’m not sure what to say now :thinking:.

Other opinions guys?