Hello, please help diagnose crash

Few weeks I cant setup my drone with unclear reasons.
Many times do calibration, acc, gyro, compass.
Disable compass.
Testing with EKF, LPE.

Frame TBS Discovery clone
Controller PixRacer
Engines EMAX mt2216-810kv
ESC BLHelli 20a

Crash Log

Hi, your log is not so clear and im not a proper expert, but the roll and pitch controls did not responded to the setpoint starting from around 40 sec, then in the accelerometer graph the first acceleration in x and y seems to indicate the beginning of the fall, around 40.4s and the real crash with the ground at around 41s am i right?

Look here at my log:
seem quite the same thing, but i have also a power module capable of reading Amps on the battery and Voltages too, and im my case you can see a big Amps drop.
Maybe could be also your case, system not responding correctly due to Power issue, but you cannot see it without a current and voltage sensor.

If you’re interested in my case, consider checking also my topic:

Hope it could help you :vulcan_salute:

Yea, its real crash,
hm great idea try to combine few batteries to improve amps.
How You thing, is this might be strong vibration problem ?

You mean strong vibration problem for sensors or in the battery connection?
Vibrations in frequency can be seen in the Acceleration-Power-Spectral-Density graph in the log file, here you can have an idea if could be a problem or not, take look here https://docs.px4.io/v1.9.0/en/log/flight_review.html#acceleration-power-spectral-density