Help on Analysis of log after crash

Hi Everyone

I am now working on a log of one of our drone that crashed while doing a test mission waypoint
The drone start behaving badly (falling down) around 11:05, we switched to position mode just before 11:09 to try bringing it up, but not visible effects
I also see hat around that time, in the Power figure, Battery Current drops lower than previously in the flight
Furthermore, the difference between Pitch/Yam/Roll setpoint vs estimated grows bigger and bigger, and setpoint value is mostly 0
And, in Actuator Control 0, ar 11:05 Thrust goes max (it clips), and Pitch/Yaw/Roll are going down

My question is : I have doubts about what is a cause or a consequence. Is the current drop the cause of motors going slower and drone dropping ? Or is battery current going down because motors are controlled to slow down wrongly ? Is it indeterminable ?

I should add that this machine has propellers 15" and that PID had not been configured yet (default value for that flight)

Thanks in advance

First of all, it looks like your FC is under a lot of vibration especially on z axis. Raw acceleration plot shows about +/- 10 m/s^s and at some point it becomes even +/- 20 m/s^s which is bad for FC to estimate its postion and attitude.

Per the magnetometer, it’s data get distorted at around 11:10 into flying. Not sure whether this is due from user input or from external, but the drone needs to be properly calibrated its compass before flying.

These are all I can guess for now. Cheers!