Crash Px4 Help

Hello, first excuse me for my rough English! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I need help because my quadcopter had an engine shutdown after 3min of flight. Everything went well before.
I tried to interpret the log but I canโ€™t.
Can someone help me please.

Here are the logs:

Lipo 4S 5200ma
Weak wind

:ok_hand: :pray:

Sorry abou the crash.

Iโ€™m not sure but what I can see is:

  • 4:40.5 to 4:41.0 RC throttle is lowered from 0.12 to 0.05.
  • 4:41.5 thrust spikes to 0, then goes back up.
  • 4:41.5 to 4:41.9: battery current goes from 9 A to 1 A, so either 1 or all 4 motors stop using power.
  • 4:41.55 angular rate starts diverging, attitude is lost.

From the plots I can see that PX4 is doing everything it can to try to control the vehicle but either 1 or more motors are not reacting. My suspicion is that one motor turned off due to a hardware issue like wiring/cabling or the ESC did not spin it back up after that dip.

Was the minimum throttle set correctly? So did the motors spin after arming when idle on the ground?

And did you notice if one or all motors stopped?

Hello JulianOes, thank you for you answer!
Yes the min and max throttle are set correctly!
the engines on the ground were not running!
all four engines stopped at the same time!

Ok, could it be a wiring issue from Pixhawk to the power board and ESCs?

we have a similar issue.
We were flying a mission with our coaxial octocopter, v1.10.1. Suddenly the motors were stopped and the copter fell from 120m altitude. I have been looking the reason at the logs but did not found anything yet.

  1. Trust spikes to 0.
  2. All motors stopped.

Could any body help here. Could be a problem with the firmware?

Sorry about the crash! It looks like it detected โ€œlandedโ€.

This problem might be related to

well it looks really plausible! I will take a look on that.
Thank you!