PX4 Autotune with QGroundControl

I’m really confused about autotune from QGroundControl. In Mission Planner, you assign Autotune to a switch on the RC, fly the drone up to a few meters and flip the switch. The drone goes into its little dance and several minutes later it is done.

The QGroundControl instructions require a connection from the PC to the Quad Copter. How do you fly a drone a few meters in the air with a usb cable connecting it to the QGroundControl PC?

I feel silly. Obviously I’m missing something.

Here are the steps from the manual:

I don’t think it mention to connect through wired connection no ? You can use SIK radio like this one so that it does not require to have a long cable while you’re doing your autotune

It also doesn’t say I need a SIK radio. Is it a requirement to have a radio connection from QGC to my quad for autotunning? Where does it say that in the documentation? I shouldn’t need a radio connection to QGC to autotune my quad. I’m not even going to have a PC of any kind in the field when I fly.

You could assign to a switch as proposed here but not sur if it can be applied to a quadcopter and how to select between rate and attitude autotune

Maybe @bresch can help on this

I was thinking about trying the same thing. Maybe there is a flag set in the flight controller that says autotunning is required. When I change flight mode to Altitude or Position that might trigger the autotune. But, again, I don’t see this anywhere in the documentation.

I finally spotted the telemetry link requirement in the instructions. QGroundControl does indeed require a telemetry link.