Auto Tuning problem in qgroundcontrol using pixhawk

I have pi 3, pixhawk 2.4.8.

I built basic drone, configured pixhawk.

Now, My issue is, for stable flight, how to configure pixhawk for autotuning using qgroundcontrol? or how to use tuning feature of QGC for stability of drone.

currently when I fly drone, it is not stable. It is behaving differently.

Thanks. Any suggestion or any help would be appreciable. Please guide me such that atleast I can hover drone with stability.


there is no Autotuning Function in PX4 Stack. Most probably you are refering to ArduCopter Stack, please have a look in the ArduCopter Documentation.

Otherwise you have to perform a manual PID Tuning.

Thanks for quick response.

Yes, There is no autotuning function in px4 stack. So Can you guide on how to manually perform PID tuning on pixhawk? Or any other way possible?

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Sir, same problem to me that there is no any option found in qgroundcontrol for Autotune, if you had found any idea for autotune than please guide.
Please guide any one that how to autotune in qgroundcontrol with Pixhawk

There was a post on this too a few weeks back , it has the only PX4 Documentation on tuning ,as the post states its a bit old.

maybe this could help, although I find it pretty useless since I could never accomplish this tuning guide… But the instructions are right and should do the job