PID Tuning Feature

Hello all, I am new here but have been building drones since 2013 and have been building software for 20 years. I have a 560mm foldable quad that I need to PID tune . I found the PID tuning guide in the documentation and the outlined process seems like a crude way to PID tune. I would like to create a PID tuning tab in the QGC software which walks a user through PID tuning and provide some salient information during each step of the process.

My thought is the QGC would know the airframe based on what is configured. You can then walk the user through the steps of PID tuning each value while displaying the gyro and accelerometer read outs on a time scale graph on screen to get a sense if you are overshooting or undershooting the values.

I see the PID_Tuning_V2 branch but it looks to be stale. Any recommendations on where to start? Do I branch off the latest stable branch? Continue on the existing PID_Tuning_V2? Is that throw away code?

i was like you.
I didnt knew how to tune the PID on QGC and then i changed the software and i used mission planner
You can use Autotune to Tune your PID automatically or you could configure the chanel of your RC to tune the PID of roll, and save it, then pitch nd Yaw…
Take i look here

No requirement of autotuning, you just calibrate your compass calibration and accelerometer calibration properly of your UAV. it will fly very smoothly.