Auto Tune for Pix Racer in QGC 3.2.5?

I have not been able to find this. Is auto tune available in QGC ver. 3.2.5?
This is what I see for auto tune:

There is no autotune feature in px4.

Thank you for the response, but I am still confused.
The version of QGC that I am using is 3.2.5 which shows four tuning selections as shown above.

On this page
of the QGC manual there are six tuning selections with no indication of which version this image applies to.

  1. Is Pixracer considered a PX4?
  2. Does QGC apply to the Pixracer?

QGC is just the Ground Station Software. It very much depends what Software (aka: FlightStack) is running on your Pixhawk (Pixracer, whatever…). In your case and the Page you are referring to it is ArduCopter (aka APM) which offers this feature, whereas PX4 Flightstack does not have Autotuning. You may choose which Flightstack to install during Firmware Installation on the Flightcontroller (also in QGC, when you use Missionplaner it will only allow installation of APM and also does not allow to Configure PX4 Flightstack).