PX4 and QGC Swarm Support

I thing about swarm project, and looking forward to best solution how to control multiple UAVs(
Is there some project running on PX4? I found some on Ardupilot and Paparazi, but nothing much for PX4(maybe nice coordinated indoors flight in ETH Zurich run on PX4?? I dont know)

I found 2 possibilities how to control multiple UAVs

first possibility is to use 3DR radio(I thing for biger numbers of UAVs not so good) or another link(et wifi module like ESP8266 or something similar with better range), and then you need support from QGC for multiple UAVs. If I remember in past was possible to connect multiple UAVs to QGC, but I dont see this possibility today.

Second posibility is to add some off-board computer to UAV and use ROS to control all of machines, using some wifi-link.
And create some control interface and motion planning inside ROS.

Have someone some advice, what can bee better way? ROS looks like nice option for motion planing support and another libraries, but is quite big and complicated solution. Direct link(MAVlink) to QGC(with motion planing support for multiple UAVs) looks cleaner to me.

Any advice or opinion?

For the datalink you can have multiple 3DR radios plugged into the same computer, or look into RFD900s and multipoint. QGC is able to handle multiple vehicles.

I don’t have much advice for the ROS portion. You could also look at Dronekit if you aren’t already comfortable with ROS.