Swarm communication with Pixhawks and 3DR radio modules

I’m a mechatronic student and try to set up multi node communication with multiple Pixhawks, which are equipped with 3DR radio modules. In the end, the drones should be able to communicate all with QGroundControl and also communicate withe each other (for example that the sensor data for acceleration are available for all other drones).

At the moment, I’ve managed to compile and flash the SiK multiple point firmware for the 3DR radios which gives me the possibility to use multiple radios with only one radio for the ground station. I can also communicate with multiple Pixhawks at the same time from QGroundControl.

Now I try to get sensor data from one Pixhawk to the other Pixhawks.

Do you have ideas where to start? I’m really new to NuttX and px4 and some ideas would be really helpful.

Thank you in advance

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hello I’m working on similar project and I’m using ROS through SBC to get the sensor data

and I have a question, did you use RFD 900+ modem on ground controller node?

or just Sik telemetry with Firmware settings?

No, I’m using the 443MHz version of the 3DR modules. The multi node communication with the radio modules worked out of the box with the multi node firmware, but to work with QGroundControl, there were some changes of the firmware parameters necessary. If interested, I will post them as soon as I’m back home

Current NuttX support IEEE 80215.4 radios (MRF24J40 in particular) and has 6LoWPAN integrated into the NuttX IPv6 stack so that you can use standard socket programming techniques. That support is new. UDP over 6LoWPAN is very stable in the current repository; TCP less stable.

I’m interested with your work, could you please post them and I would like to have a try?

Hi, I’m a computer science student and I’m trying to implement a swarm behavior with multiple UAV. I really interested in your work. Were you able to continue with this project?

Hi MirkoSKat,

I guess there is multi-point support for what you need using RFD900 (v2.x only).

Also, I am interested to know how you setup the multi-pixhawk comms with single QGC using 3DR telemetry modules. Could you please share how you accomplished that?