Connect Multiple Drones with ground computer over wifi

I want to control Multiple UAVs with Qgroundcontrol (similar to this simulation) over wifi. For single drone control, I can connect my pc to the wifi of a drone but I can’t change to select other UAVs in Qgroundcontrol as shown in that simulation. I am not sure but I think I need to make my pc as a router and then connect drone to wifi of my pc (opposite to what I do for single drone control) or I need to connect my pc with a wifi router using LAN cable and then connect each drone to that router?

Thanks for Help!

We did this a while ago along with a custom software package that we created for programmatically spawning and controlling simulated drones and similarly controlling physical drones with predefined choreographies:

Anyway, the network configuration that we used was: a wifi router connected over ethernet to a laptop. Each drone using MavESP8266 and configured on a different static ip connected to that router. Also important is to make sure that the mavlink mode in PX4 is configured to ‘custom’ or another low-rate mode to not congest the network. Otherwise things can get crazy. So far this is the best WiFi based setup we’ve tested and has been tested with up to 8 drones simultaneously.

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