Problems with ESC's (s500 v2 kit)

Me and a friend are building the s500 v2 kit (Holybro) but for some reason can’t get the motors spinning. We’re just beginners so we’d like to have some help.

What we have done so far:
-build the kit via the assembly manual
-we use taranis q x7 as transmitter and the FrSky r-xsr mini reciever
-binded the taranis q x7 to the receiver (we have range on the taranis q x7)
-created models and set up switches on the taranis q x7
-set up qgroundcontrol and do all the calibrations (everything works, except ‘motors’)
-we tested positvely if there is going power from the board on the drone to the motors

But for some reason Qgroundcontrol can’t arm our quad and if we want to test our Motors we get the following error: Test Command Not Supported.

Do you have any idea what we do wrong?

Thanks in advance

It’s not supported with PX4 1.10 as far as I know. You could try with 1.11 beta where it might work.

Hey! I have a similar problem. I have put the beta 1.11 version on the Px4, but still denies the motor test. Can please someone help me with this holybro S500 V2 kit? Please.