Only one motor spinning with s500 v2

Hello, I am having a problem with rotating motors and I need your help.
I purchased holybro s500 v2 which comes with pixhawk6c and px4 software.
I constructed the frame and did the setup, but when I try Motors Setup on QGroundControl, only motor4(M4) rotates and the other 3 motors do not respond.

Here is what I did for debugging

I checked the voltage on PDB
there was no problem

I plug in and out the PWM wire(black and white one) on motors
when I plug in, all the motor make the correct sound, which means that motors are not dead and connections are being established.

I switched the PWM wires between motor3 and motor4
only motor4 rotates when I test on motors setup page, which means that the signal is reaching the pins for motor3.

I armed the drone with manual mode
only motor4 rotates, so it’s not a bug with Motors Setup page

This is where I am stuck.
It seems like motors are ok in terms of hardware and signal and power are also working. However, 3 of the motors do not rotate.
One concern is that in Airframe, I can only find holybro s500 and not holybro s500 v2, but I am not sure this can be the cause.

Thanks for your help.

Which PX4 version are you using? Have you done the ESC calibration?

Alternatively, you could consider flashing PX4 beta (v1.14) and then configure the motors in the actuators tab in QGroundControl, where you can also use the motor test sliders (without props).

Thank you for your support.

I have done ESC calibration before, but after recalibrating again, they are working perfectly now.

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