Problem using a custom firmware on QGC

I’m trying to use a custom firmware I just built using the “very latest” version of PX4 firmware and the following:

  • Controller: Cube Orange (CubePilot) with mini carrier.
  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04 (VM hosted on Windows 10)
  • Software: QGroundControl Daily version (on Windows 10, cause QGC on Ubuntu doesn’t allow me to flash the Cube)

However, once the controller is flashed using the custom firmware, I have problems doing the drone sensors calibration: the compass and accelerometer don’t follow the configured autopilot orientation (it stays at ROTATION_NONE even if it is configured otherwise) and the gyroscope calibration progress bar stay stucked, so I can’t arm the drone. However, when I flash the controller with a stable firmware using stable Releases v1.11.1, I’m able to do the sensors calibration and arm the drone without problem. But I can’t see what’s the problem, since I didn’t modify the code; I just made a clean build using the terminal console and used the .px4 file to flash the controller, so it should work! Any help or hint should be very appreciated.

Curious fact: When building the code, the first line the console displays is:
“-- PX4 version: v1.11.0-rc3-476-g74c9ba8d55”
The obtained firmware file (cubepilot_cubeorange_default.px4) has a size of 1519KB while the stable release got 1514KB. Could it be possible I have a bad Firmware version? However, I got the version by following the instructions on Building PX4 Software