QGC does not support local firmware setup

Hi, I have a problem using local firmware in QGC.
I cloned the px4 code to my computer and compiled and upload on pixhawk. It runs well when displayed in the terminal TeraTerm.
Now I am going to carry out flight test. In QGroundControl, I selected the “advanced settings” and “custom firmware file” to upload the local compiled “nuttx-px4fmu-v2-default.px4” in “C:\px4\Firmware\build_px4fmu-v2_default\src\firmware\nuttx”. Then QGC said that
" QGroundcontrol does not currently support your vehicle type. If your vehicle is already configured you can still fly."
“This version of GroundControl can only perform setup on a newer version of firmware. Please perform a firmeware upgrade if you wish to use vehicle setup.”
So I cannot continue vehicle setup and calibration.
I thought that the version of my px4 code may be old. So I cloned again yesterday from GitHub. But the problem is still the same.
Can any body tell me what’s the problem?

The QGC version used is v2.9.7.b.

If I choose to upgrade firmware from network in QGC, everything is fine.

You are using a pretty old version of QGC. Try using a new version. If QGC still complains about versions when you build from firmware master then something is wrong with the way the firmware is reporting it’s version to QGC. That would be a firmware problem, not a QGC problem.

OK,I‘ll try a new version QGC first. Thanks!

I tried the new version QGC v3.02. The problem still exists. The firmware is cloned from GitHub using “git clone https://github.com/SpaceArt/Firmware.git”. Is there anything wrong?

I made a mistake. My repository is not updated. I am cloning from github/PX4/Firmware.git. Hope this will solve the problem.