Problem in build px4 V1.9

I download px4 toolchain and git clone the firmware v1.9.
and build it with make px4_fmu-v2 command, then I upload it to my pixhawk 1.
In mission planner I do not see extended parameter to tune PID controller.
The critical problem is there are not some parameters in full parameter list.
what should I do?

In QGC, you should be able to find the MC_(ROLL|PITCH|YAW)_RATE_[PID] parameters. (I mission planner as well, but I never tried)

I want to thank for your response.
I have one question.
I have a x type quad copter each arm is 30cm
The motor is tmotor 1000kv with 12*4.5 prop.
The battery is 4 cell. Can you tell me what is the best pid gain for my quad copter?

Hi @kari, nobody can know your best pid parameters. You may follow guide.

I also faced this error many times and I took the help of the Internet to fix out the error, but here, this is also very useful to solve all these errors easily.

thanks for your replies.
I built my own quad copter biased on pixhawk1.
Before assembling props everything seems good.
And motors response to the rc commands. But after i assemble props and turn on the motors, the speed of motors not change due to rc command.
Even i can not turn them off.
How can i do it?
Thanks in advance.