Precision Landing using IRLock through MAVROS

Hello Everyone,

Following the instruction on [] I was able to perform mission based precision landing on a gazebo simulation (3DR iris drone).

I would like to implement the same with a companion computer in Offboard control with MAVROS. My question is there a service for precision landing with IR lock that should be called to perform a precision landing like the MAVROS (~cmd/land (mavros_msgs/CommandTOL)) for normal landing? If not, can someone please give me some pointers to implement this. :slight_smile:

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.


You can easily initiate a precision landing by uploading a mission that ends with a land waypoint with the appropriate parameters as described in the dev guide.

@Nicolas Thank you. Yes, I have tried the precision landing with appropriate parameters using QGC and it works well. :slight_smile:
Now I’m trying to initiate a precision landing using MAVROS from a companion computer (e.g Odroid). I was hoping if someone could give me pointers how to implement this.

I meant uploading a mission through mavros.

Precision landing is also a flight mode of PX4 (when not used in a mission). So if you don’t want to upload a mission with mavros, what you should be looking for is changing the flight mode appropriately. I’m not sure if mavros is already capable of setting the precision land flight mode.

That’s great. I’ll try that thank you. :slight_smile: @Nicolas