Use retractable landing gear with hexacopter X Airframe (Pixhawk))

I plugged in the Landing gear in AUX1 and set the AUX1Passthorugh channel to one I could control via a switch at the RC. Nevertheless nothing happens if I flip the switch at the RC. Do I have to configure something else?

Im in the same situation. I have a Tarot x6 airframe and using PX4 (latest stable) with an Orange Cube. I have the ADS-B Carrier board and have the tarot landing gear controller connected to AUX4. I’ve set the parameter RC_MAP_AUX4 to channel 6 which is what I have setup the button to use. Im also using a HereLink Pro controller. The channel 6 is mapped to button A and that seems to function correctly when I go to the “flight modes” section. I can see that the button is toggled when its pressed and that Channel 6 is what is being moved back and forth. Not sure what else I need to set up to get this to work.

I fixed the problem like this:
The Pixhawk doesn’t supply power via the AUX Port. Therefore the PWM-Signal is taken from the AUX Port and an external power supply is powering the landing gear. Dont’ forget to connect both grounds (AUX and Power) to the landing gear, I forgot it in the beginning and therefore the landing gear wasn’t able to interpret the PWM signal.

Thanks, ill try this.

Where you guys able to fix this issue? im runnin into the same problems.
as @sofa03 had said, i have the landing gear box connected to the PDB and trying to send signal via FMU PWM OUTPUT and no luck.