Plane crash Log


On take off my plane decided to crash. I am not sure the cause but PX4 was acting weird up to the launch. I had to restart my plane multiple times because it would say Safety switch needs to be pressed even though I don’t have it. Also, it is disabled through the circuit breaker. On another restart it read the battery voltage very incorrectly, then I finally got everything looking good after multiple restarts but the plane crashed on take off.

Which version of Firmware? Did the control surfaces respond properly during preflight checks?

I used the latest stable build. Yes everything was responding properly. What does the cause of the crash look like?

I can’t tell anything from the log other than that roll and pitch weren’t following the setpoints. Does it fly properly in manual mode? My guess is that the servos weren’t working properly.

Thanks for taking a look at it. I had a bunch of software issues as stated above. Another one of the issues present was the Zubax GPS had to be yawed in the same direction as the flight controller. This issue was present at the same time and I opened a different topic for it. Please see below. Could this have played a role in the crash?

Which attitude estimator were you using? I don’t see how GPS issues could cause such dramatic instability in stabilize mode. I guess you didn’t try manual mode?

I’ve got 100 flights on this plane with this setup. How do I tell which estimator I am using? Does it say in the parameter log file?

I think EKF is the default for fixed wing platforms. Did you have any problems with earlier versions of stable?

I didn’t have any issues before. Is it possible something corrupt and I should reflash? I had to power the plane on and off so much because software issues.

Justin, can you try the current beta branch and see if that resolves your issues?

Ok I’ll try that tomorrow. Do I use the daily build of QGC with it?

The QGC beta build from the dropdown when you tick the advanced checkbox.

The QGC daily build should be OK, but the stable version has more testing: