PixRacer Unable to Hover

Hello all, after flying the Naze32 with CleanFlight / BetaFlight, thought I give the PixRacer and QGround Control a shot.

My setup
Firmware v1.5.1
EMax 250 frame
RS 2205 Motors
5x4.5 Props
Dragon Link Mini Receiver
QGround Control v3.0.1

I am able to arm the system and the motors spin-up however when I give it some throttle the quad becomes squirrely with rolls or pitches (almost non-responsive to command inputs). At some point with more throttle the quad quickly flips over. Everything else like the radio modem, telemetry, GPS, etc., work fine. Is it fair to say the default parameter settings are not optimized for a 250 scale platform? Thoughts for getting to hover…I appreciate any recommendations? Thanks!

First thing to validate is the motor output order - is that correct?

You may want to try the following PID Tuning Guide, when you are sure, that Motors are correctly connected: http://px4.io/docs/multicopter-pid-tuning-guide/

Select ‘Generic Quad’ or ‘Generic 250 racer’ frame config.
As to my experience, 250 size and above fly quite stable with the default PID.

Most probably your motor order is not correct.


Thanks for the reply. The motors spin in the proper direction and the props are oriented correctly. Power-up is in Stabilized mode. It seems as if the system is not responding to transmitter command inputs, although the Kill Switch works :)- (I also swapped out receiver and radio but yielded the same result). Other thoughts?

Not only check spinning direction, but the order of the Motors.

Andreas – thanks, that solved my primary problem. I had inadvertently used the Naze32 motor sequencing order versus what is required for the PixRacer. I barely got it to hover, pitch and roll seemed fine but my quad was spinning like crazy so I toned down the yaw settings a bit. For my current setup at higher throttle input values the quad is just too twitchy with oscillations to fly. Just base on combinations, I found that the Luminier QAV250 config is the closet I can get for flight…no hover yet. I will report out after I running through some fine tuning, and hardware checks. Thanks all for your input!

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i also have been having the same issues with my pixracer although i have managed to get a hover but @ any point it will twitch and spin or dive out of control

I have the same issue with my pixracer loaded with PX4 it will hover for a few seconds and then it will suddenly lose power/altitude and spin, when i throttle up it spins(yaw) even faster.