Uneven motor RPM: NXP Hovergames New Build

Quadcopter using NXP Hovergames kit. I’ve updated all the firmware and loaded the latest stable PX4. Radio is fine and I believe I’ve calibrated everything correctly. When I arm and try to lift off, one (or two) motor are slowing significantly relative to the rest and I abort because the vehicle is just going to tilt and flip.

The setup and calibration has been done in QGC (including ESC calibration)

I’ve downloaded the log and loaded into online analyzer. I can see the throttle input and the output to the motor ESCs. Over time, you can see the ESCs are diverging in RPM until I kill the throttle. My guess is that the PX4 thinks the vehicle is drifting and is attempting to correct to keep in position but the drone has stayed essentially stationary for the whole time.

Any help would be appreciated.