PixRacer tel2 Showing More Log Dropouts than tel1

Hello all,

I’m hopeing someone can help shed some light of this issue as I’m bamboozled. I have a PixRacer connected to a NanoPi via serial. The NanoPi is running MavROS and routes the data to QCG. I’ve been having trouble getting the log to stream reliably, and without huge packet loss, as reported in QGC-Mavlink. the highest baud I’ve been able to achieve is 500000, another issue all together. The board I’m testing for doesn’t have an SDcard slot so I was hoping to get log streaming to function without overloading the link. I’ve manually set the max datarate to its theoretical limit. I’ve also pulled samples of the data and the highest datarate I’ve seen is 3.5kb/s, so it should be within the limitations, with minimal telemetry and some log messages trimmed. While testing I’ve found that Telemetry1 functions much better than Telemetry2. Both ports are configured the same, but I get ~2% packet loss using telem1 and upwards of ~12% on telem2, and flight review of the logs shows many more dropouts on the telem2 log than the telem1. The Delta t is also substantially higher for the telem2. This is puzzling me, and I can’t seem to get telem2 to function as well as telem1. My understanding is that the serial ports should be able to achieve the same when configured the same but this doesn’t seem to be the case.
https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=07cd3d02-3728-4920-a7b1-5dde9580a13c telemetry2 log
https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=8f8470e8-7c78-4afe-be44-7b90515b68cc telemetry1 log

If anyone has any ideas or ideas of things to test I’d be very grateful.
Thanks in advance for any help,

Hi Jake, I’m currently working on a flight controller with NanoPi as companion. How did you connect the NanoPi to WiFi or find an IP? I’m using putty with uart to ttl connection and a serial connection to the flight controller, but it says Wifi is disconnected on the NanoPi. Is there a procedure to follow and a wiring diagram that can help? Thanks!