Pixhawk4 mini - using with direct joystick

I am after some information about connecting a joystick straight to a Pixhawk4 mini.
I know these are designed to be use with drones, but I have other plans and this will do the trick.
I am creating a driver to control esc that will activate thrusters on a actual boat. Sort of like electric motor to control the boat.
But I need to know if I can directly control the Pixhawk with a 5k joystick??
Any information will be handy.
Cheers jarrad

Generally we use a remote control with a remote control receiver with a Pixhawk. A joystick has a USB connector and PX4 does not support being a USB host and neither the joystick protocol (e.g. xinput).
Therefore, I don’t think that’s easily possible, unless you find some old joystick that is pre-USB and has a simpler interface.