Connecting servos with Pixhawk Mini

Can anyone tell me how to connect and control a servo with the Pixhawk Mini? 3DR got rid of the Aux port and now only have the 8 main port, which from what I can tell will only output a 400 hz signal when using it with multi-rotor aircraft. I want to control a servo like device (takes a servo input), but don’t know how to hook it up. Also, if anyone can tell me how to configure this in QGroundControl that would be helpful.

I have a pixhawk mini hexa build. Wondering if I can hook up a gimbal to 7 & 8 which are open since there are no aux on the mini from 3DR.

Wondering if anyone has answer?

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I’m using a PIXHAWK MINI in a QUADRICOPTER and I need to trigger the camera, the same way I do with a PIXHAWK using MISSIONPLANNER, for autonomous area mapping.
I’ve already taken a look at many forums and I did not find an answer, I think it’s the same problem on this topic, I need an AUX PORT to connect the trigger cable, is there a possibility to do this?
Thank you.

Hi Mike,

Did you find a solution to use those outputs ?