Controlling Pixhawk with came controller

Good day everyone and thank you for reading my post.

I jsut want to confirm the following.

The pixhawk, with telemetry set installed, be configured to accept inputs via a game controller on a PC

Can this also be done using Droidplanner and a wireless remote like this

As far as I know Droidplanner is mostly targeted at APM (ArduCopter and ArduPlane). If you’re using the PX4 flight stack, you can hook up a joystick/gamepad in QGroundControl.

Great. Thank you for responding Julian

I just went through the game pas setup as per

I was unable to setup the game pad using Qground control I think the documentation may be out dated. How can I do this with the latest version of QGC and what is the best option to use for RC_comm when the RC transmitter is not connected to the pixhawk.