Is it possible to control pixhawk without remote control?

I build new drone F450 with pixhawk controller.
Because of budget problems … I ran out of money and i could not buy a remote control.

I have a lot of experience with software develop so i decide to try to write a software that i will be able to control my drone F450 from my laptop.

After building all the drone - i connected the battery and try to connect the drone thru telemetry ( one side on the drone and other side on the laptop )

The connection work and i can see the drone parameters thru ‘mission planner’ ( gps location and alt and so on ) .

But i can’t take off when i select to takeoff from the mission planner software…
I can’t make the drone fly …
I mean that i try to make the engine spin without propeller … but this is not happening.
What i did wrong ?
Is it possible to make the engine spin on this situation ?
What to do next ?

If you are using mission planner, you are probably using ardupilot flight stack
Discussion for that

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there is a way to fly w/o a transmitter using px4 and qgroundcontrol. connect a playstation or xbox controller to your laptop and that will act as your ‘remote’