PIXHAWK4 and high AMP motor

Hello all,

I am working in a team which is making a heavy lifting drone. We have a hexa configuration with each motor using about 120-150 A at 50-60V. At the moment we are using DJI A2 flight controller and our motors are connected to batteries via ESC wires which go to a hard wire splitter. (Basically a custom made cnc machined metal board which is distributing current from battery to multiple drones).
We are considering pixhawk4 and px4 for a next test phase however we are not sure if it is possible to integrate it. Is there a chance to still keep the current power supplying method to the motors or does it have to go through pixhawk4 PDB when using pixhawk?

Thank you in advance!

No need to use Pixhawk pdb, as long as you provide the required 5V supply to Pixhawk and optionally current and voltage sense signals.

Thank you very much! We will try!