Battery Size and Pixhawk

Acceptable Amperage/voltage that can go though the unit.
For context, we have a pair of 5000mAh 30C 6S 22.2V batteries running to two motors each pulling around 1400w at 62A. Will the px4 be able to handle such a load?

The actual power only has to pass through an external power module. The module sends 5V and scaled-down voltage and current analog signals to the Pixhawk.

The HolyBro PM06 and PM07 are both rated to 120A, but that might be a bit tight if you plan to do 124A. Two PM06 could work well for you, but CUAV or AttoPilot boards could suit your needs better since it sounds like you don’t need to use the power-distribution pads or other features on the PM06 or PM07. Do you already have a Pixhawk? If so, which one? Did it come with a power module?

Are your batteries connected to each other at all, or one to each motor? Another option is to use ESCs with DSHOT telemetry. If they can send sensed voltage and current then you don’t need a power module at all if you have another source of 5V or can add one.

We are considering the pixhawk 4. We need to collect data on a flight and it appears so far that that is the best choice for us. We have a Spektrum 80amp smart ESC for each motor (I believe they do support the DSHOT telemetry). The batteries are connected together at the moment in parallel. We would like to use the Pixhawk for its autopilot and data gathering applications. That said the motors will be spinning at the same speed. If you know, would the telemetry be as reliable?

The Pixhawk 4 should come with a PM07. It might be a bit bulky and useless, especially if you need two of them for only two motors. You can probably live with just one, but the sensor may saturate.

I would think the telemetry from the ESCs would be accurate, and it would be neat to have individual motor amps as well. I haven’t tried it yet however, and I think the DSHOT telemetry support in PX4 is fairly new so it might have its ups and downs for a while.

A set of these would suit your needs and would be lower risk to get working, except that the included wiring is for Pixhawk 2 so you might need to make some adapters if you can’t find them online and end up going with the Pixhawk 4.

Thank you so much for this lead. We are currently looking at the DSHOT. Like you said it is quite new but it may be just what we need. Do you know if the PM07 would be better suited to be run with both motors/esc’s coming out of one port or multiple. Then would the telemetry wires be separate or run with a y harness?