Pixhawk power supply board + Big motors 1800W?

My question is concerning the power supply board that comes with the Pixhawk 4 controller, I see it is rated for 2S to 12 S input but I’m not finding anything on how much current I can pull through this board without cooking it. I am running 4 270KV 1800W motors. Or should I hardwire my ESC’s directly into the output of the battery and just
bypass the power supply board and relieve it completely of high amperage responsibility.

Ik can’t find a good current rating for it, But the connector meant for the total current is rated at 60 (xt60 plug). And the current sensor is max 120A.
So i would not be to comfortable with over 60A average, or 100A peak, trough the board.

What I would be more concerned with is cable sizes and number of connections/connectors. If that improves without the board that would be a bigger concern of mine.
The advantage can be a nicer, cleaner build, or this board can worsen it, but other than that, the only reason you would have to use the board is to measure current. If you have a current sensor in the motor controller (or a separate one) I would use that, and not the one on the power distribution board.

Many thanks Nando, I am useing 10ga silicon copper with no spark XT90s. Looks like I have a max Amp draw of 75A. I am a overkill kind of guy so I am going hardwire for the sake of it.

I’ve done a similar setup. Silicone 10GA in short runs will get you well above 100A at 200C continuous, and is definitely overkill for that motor. The current meters that come with PX4 boards vary depending on the vendor, but I’ve seen some of the larger, Hall-effect ones quoted at 100A. If you’ve got one of those, then you’re safe there too.

I had to pay attention to two things: the ESC, and batteries. I went with a Hobbywing Platinum Pro100A, because it is super-configurable and has a beefy, programmable BEC. They come pre-configured for copters, however, which WON’T work for other vehicle types. Just don’t try it. Bite the bullet and get the programming tool too.

If you’ve got that big motor for peak power, then any modestly-priced battery will do I suppose. But if your duty cycle gets above, I dunno, 25% or so then you’ll need to pay attention to your battery’s C rating or your motor won’t be the only thing getting warm. And big batteries are expensive!

Thank’s for the input bgat, I am using 18650 10a 3000mah cells, Times six or so, in series for my power source. I have been using 18650 cells for solar storage for a few years and have aquired some knowledge of them. And just purchased a box of 50, high amp high-capacity cells, I figure I can keep stacking cells as needed. As to the ESCs they are 200amp max current draw, (again the overkill factor) Lots of testing to come.