Pixhawk short circuit for IO pins

Hi friends. I’m kadir from turkey. last saturday ı used pixhawk for my drone but ı did short circuit main out and not work ıo pins. I’m sad because pixhawk is very expensive in turkey and i can’t buy a new one. so I searched error and found where the error was.

This micro controller is defective. Vcc pins (1-2-3-4) are not work. I want to replace this microcontroller and and I want to install software. Will it work when I upload firmware from Qgroundcontrol?
Sorry my english is not very good

How did you short the main out !!

i was careless and plugged the esc cable as gnd-5v-s instead of s-vcc-gnd

I don’t think these can fail easily. Did you measure using multimeter the resistance value across gnd and 5v and S & gnd

First I’d confirm that it’s bad. Often these chips will handle a short circuit for a time.

If it is really bad, then you can replace the chip. I would expect it would reprogram normally, but I have not tried that. It may need a bootloader that has to be preprogrammed.

Good luck!

thanks for the awesome information.

ı was find broken pixhawk. Tomorrow ı change old micro controller.i hope it will be ok

Hey any updates?? I am having similar problem I/O not detected.

thanks my issue has been fixed.