Pixhawk not lifting

Quad has a pixhawk with latest version of px4 flashed. quad arms but doesn’t lift off. flips over after a threshold throttle value. props are in the right direction and motor spin is correct on all four.
Help and suggestions guys?


Check followings,

  1. If ESC calibrated per channel.
  2. If safety button required and pressed before arm.
  3. If there is any error flags on Qgroundcontrol.
  4. If sensors are calibrated.
  5. If radio is calibrated and setup flight mode.
  6. If battery checking is checked and not feeding the battery level from power module.

    There could be more reason for not taking off and you should know what you’re doing.
    Good luck!

Please upload a log to http://logs.px4.io/ so we can see whats happening

It flew so never mind that. the problem I wired the escs to the PWM conventionally as opposed to 4-1-2-3 used in ardu pilot and px4 stacks.

Thanks anyway though!